Monday, July 28, 2008

my humps.

Carrie asked for a belly update. I need to do it when I'm feeling sense in documenting horror. The most recent on my camera from end of probably 30 weeks...I'll get ya some recent ones stat.

Carrie asked for a belly update. I need to do it when I'm feeling sense in documenting horror. The most recent on my camera from end of probably 30 weeks...

sweet child o' mine

Last week my girlfriends, Dana and Rachel, were sweet enough to throw me a shower. Obviously looking at the parents, we know this child is not coming out normal, per say. And by looking at the father, there may be a hint of diva in this sweet child. Needless to say, it was a rockstar themed baby shower. Love it. I don't do the themed characters cheese well. All the girls in my program came out and it was a good time. All the snacks a preggo could dream of...7 layer dip, Zaxby's chicken finger, and oh the fruit salad. I don't know if I'm craving fruit all the time, or just giving into my natural desire. But grow it on a tree, vine, or the ground, and I'm sure to eat it. I got sparkling grape juice while jealously watching the rest of the crowd sip champagne. The rockstar cupcakes came complete with blue booties.
We're not much of a game crowd, but Dana and Rach hit the spot with the onesie contest. Each girl got a onesie and some markers and created their own, to be judged by me for the win. Loved it. Fun favors for me at 2am in a few months, and a sweet reminder of people I love. Check out the wares. Awkward Em won with "A little mess...I pooped." The Beatles, mowhawks, and a smiley face on crack were also involved. Thank you girls. I'm not good with the cheesiness of life, but I truly appreciated all the love and laughs. It was a last hurrah of sorts before the majority of them enter life in the workplace and as I enter life on other terms.
Em, the winner:
Cassie's instistence on 2nd place in the middle:
A replica of Matt's "New Hampshire for Damnsure" on the left, and the Beatles on the right:

Rachel encouraging him already, and Shannon with our Crimson Tide:
Bessie's mowhawk love, Meredith's crack smiley, and Bree's rendition of the Man:
And the group.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

baby blue upchuck.

I am unfit. I had a dream last night I had a baby the size of my palm. He got smothered by his blanket and stopped breathing. He started turning black like frostbite, and I couldn't recussitate him. Welcome to my dreams. Pleasant, right?

Anyways, at my marketing internship I further found out I was unfit. I learned last week that you actually have to bring baby clothes to the hospital. Poor kid would have been streaking without a cause. I'm sure Matt and his scissors would have created something Tarzan-ish from betsheets. Anyways, this week I learn you have to have a door sign at the hospital. Well, okay not HAVE, but apparently it's what the cool babies get. My co-worker had our designer make this rockin poster-sized shabby-chic thing of cuteness. I look online to see what it's all about, and I find this...and this...

If not having these makes me an unfit parent, then handcuff me. I'd urge anyone to send sushi, cocktails, or a live-in nanny in lieu of these vomitus creations.