Friday, April 24, 2009

This and that.

I don't ever have enough coherent, collected thoughts to compose a complete post, beginning to end. Sorry folks. On the upside, I am now regularly getting 6-7 hours straight of sleep! Unfortunately I think my body has adjusted and I still wake exhausted. After many months of frustration and coma-like states during daytime hours, I resorted to letting Jameson cry out his 5am feeding for a few nights. But we arrived, and I couldn't be happier. So for all of you who care, our current sleep schedule is 7-11p, feeding, then 11-7ish. He seems more well rested, not tired immediately after waking up, so I think it's good.

The first morning I walked in to find him sitting up...I knew it was the beginning of the end.

We made a trip up north to the Baltimore/DC area and were able to have a great time with Matt's parents and some oldie but goodie friends. We met J's future BFF Whitaker Lee who showed us up by atleast 10+ pounds. It's surreal to watch a best friend walk with you through the different phases of life from a college girl in the dorm to young adults rubbing pennies with degrees to our children taking baths together. I am blessed, love you Jac.

Some more BFFs on a wonderful Sunday morning in Capital Hill. I miss these people almost as much as I miss pedestrian cities.

One of those people put me on the top 3 references for government security clearance. I was honored. That's friend love. He's also suspicious with a beard, but apparently they didn't care.

My old roommate Dana came to visit, and got some QT with Jameson. This was the one who was congratulated at my first prenatal visit sans Matt. :) Story cracks me up every time.

And last but not least, Jameson busts a fun little move called The Snake that comes out in VERY good moods, and very bad ones too. Never in the middle though.

Upcoming trips: Girlfriends and weddings in Nashville, Brother Jon's graduation in St. Louis (20 car hours!!!), and baby-free weekend for Em's wedding in Louisana, and West Coast trip to my old life. My excitement is ever growing!