Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looks can be deceiving.

What's in that bottle?

Lima beans, rat poison, diaper doo? Nope, just apple juice. Dr. Whatshername (in a pediatric "group" you request doctors, but never get them) said we can start him with apple juice and rice cereal. I'm not sure if it's denial that he's growing up, or just that we've FINALLY come to a equilibrium with the nursing (ie: stays latched, goes for more than 5 minutes, etc.) that makes me hesitant to change anything.

He's on his way to being immunized. Per Dr. NurseMom's advice we're spacing out the immunizations, doing them one at a time to gauge any negative reactions. I feel like a hippynut every time I have to explain it, but Dr. Whatshername said as long as he's getting the shots in anyway shape or form, she's happy. He generally runs a small fever and is cranky that day, but we survive. Last stop was meningitis because, "with that outbreak in Minnesota you just never know...". I can tell you that between our living room, the Winn Dixie behind us, and the third floor of the cafe where I work, that I KNOW minnesotaian meningitis isn't hiding behind any corners. That's the beauty of still being carless...you can't risk life-threatening diseases in foreign places like Target, Barnes & Noble and TJMaxx (tear).

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J2Samples said...

sounds silly- but try mixing a little of bit of apple juice with the rice cereal mix...NOTE: a little bit of rice cereal flakes goes a long way!

and no worries on changing any thing. if i've heard right, the APA recently changed their suggestion to start solids at 6 mo instead of 4 mo.